Wellness by Olivia

Contact person Address: Trim, Meath, Ireland
General info

Olivia was an International Sales Director within a global organisation for many years. She travelled the United States servicing well recognized global account names in over 25 states across America, Olivia discovered the secret to building sustainable relationships and learning how to read and understand people was to create an emotional connection!

Olivia is an accredited Executive Life & Business Coach with over 15 years coaching experience. Olivia has qualified in many highly effective modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique. Neuro Linguistic Programming and a unique practice called QTT- Quantum Thinking Techniques. Olivia delivers bespoke, Corporate Wellness Energizer programmes. These tailor-designed workshops & programs implement huge positive change.

A few words from Olivia..

I am extremely passionate about helping people on to their journey to reach their desired destination What do I do? I am a behavioural specialist, coach & practitioner. I use a combination of the above highly renowned techniques for individauls both personally and in business. I assist you to get from where you are to where you wish to be.

Over many years I discovered emotional needs and behavioural patterns are delicate, complex and require highly skilled techniques with each scenario needing a unique and specific approach. EFT works beautifully to soften, release and validate emotions. NLP supports the change in behavioural patterns. QTT works on many areas of behaviour and releases stress and trauma from the subconscious mind. Coaching works on area's of personal development. 

Science is proving that emotions are firstly stored in the body, therefore through EFT meridian therapy we use a mind/body approach thus creating sustainable lasting changes.