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MM Parquet has been suppling and fitting hardwood floors for over 25 years . We can supply many types of parquet flooring designs . We also can finish floors to any tone and finish our clients desire and we also supply a full carpentry service also 

Herringbone Parquet Flooring
This type of parquet flooring is the most popular of all our flooring and is available in 22mm  and a 16mm depths and is available in traditional herringbone , tumbled , reclaimed and beveled . You can also avail of the engineered style also  .Most of these style products come un-finished but are available in pre-finished also . We can also supply it in a character and prime grade . This particular product is suitable for domestic and the commercial areas of your home and business and you will get longevity of this product when it is fitted . 
An example of a job that we fitting over 14 years ago which had a number of issues but when done correctly will work out perfectly, this project was a church it was decided to go for herringbone flooring which we imported as it was a specific block 300x50x22mm  . We had consulted with the architects and decided this was best for the job as it would be the most stable for expansion reasons and the most durable for the type of project we were taking on  . We applied expansion gaps every 2 meters to allow the parquet flooring to move ,.the main issue we came up against was  moisture on the sub-floors. when we done a moisture reading we had discovered very high readings of moisture . So this meant we were not able to bond directly to the concrete on further inspection we realised , there was no DMP installed in the concrete  floors . This meant we need to put down a layer of DMP before laying the floor. we used Laydex and bostick products as they are the best for intricate situations for fitting parquet. After 14 years the floor is still perfect and will only ever need minor maintenance to keep it looking new. 
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