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First, register and process a onetime secure Paypal/Card fee for 12 months full access, t
hen use the Tools Menu to create your detailed business link web page.
As you go through the registration process, give Irish Business Link and prospective customers all the information needed to select you as a supplier. Describe your business in detail, tell us where you are located, how you can be contacted. Build your listing to stand out using advertising media, images and video!
All business listings are verified to ensure the integrity of our business directory.


As soon as it goes online, your business profile listing page becomes visible to both our buyer network and site visitors.

Your business gets visibility and top ranking both on our website and on all major search engines, we also promote random listings on social media! 
You will start receiving new leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website from your Irish Business Link profile, monitor online analytics to see the benefits of creating an Irish Business Link profile.
Traffic stats are also available from your business dasboard on login.


As we are now the fastest growing independent business directory in Ireland with over 6 million business views and appear on page one of all major search engines, your business listing details will:
Show up on Google searches
Boost your SEO
Amplify your online presence
Increase website traffic
Improve your local visibility
Get discovered more
Strengthen your business reputation
Increase brand awareness

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Irish Business Link applies a business verification fee of €40 for everyone for full access to add Business Listings, Offers and Events for 12 months, we verify all listings to maintain the integrity of our business site. All Business listings will still remain valid after the 12 month period, changes to listings after this period will require another listing verification fee.

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